Buyers - Pickup Tailgate Spreader - Model TGS05B

The TGS05B model is a commercial grade salt spreader featuring a low-profile design for unrestricted rear view and a protected internal motor assembly. 

Standard receiver tube mounting for easy spreader removal.


  • Rugged polymer black hopper and orange powder coated steel mounting frame resist rust and corrosion.
  • Heavy-duty 12-volt spreader motor is housed in a sealed motor chamber (located inside the hopper for extra protection).
  • Material flow and spread width, from 3' to 30' are controlled from an in-cab electronic spreader control panel.
  • Ultra-smooth 45º hopper interior and auger fight material bridging by channeling it to the stainless steel-lined hopper throat and spinner, providing and even flow of material without the need of expensive auger add-ons or vibration kits.
  • Dimensions: 40.1" H x 54.3" W x 27.3" D
  • Capacity [#1 rock salt or similar material]: 10.79 cubic ft./809 lbs.