Zoresco goes green...by going blue

Zoresco has been a leader in alternative fueled commercial vehicles since our inception.  Working with the first advances of compressed natural gas (CNG) decades ago, and continuing to lead this renaissance, we help fleets utilize this abundant, domestic fuel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions while lowering costs.

Currently, Zoresco holds three specific designations, elevating us to the top 2% of all commercial vehicle upfit companies:

  • Ford QVM Certified (Quality Vehicle Modifier)
  • Ford QCM Certified (Qualified Calibration Modifier)
  • Multiple Ford bailment pools

What this means is that we are authorized to build new vehicles fueled by CNG and convert previously built trucks and vans.  Our technicians undergo extensive training and we are routinely audited and inspected to ensure our products are safe and reliable.

We have partnered with leaders in CNG system component manufacturing, including WestPort and Landi Renzo, to make the best technology available for our customers.  We work closely with Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities and Clean Fuels Ohio and their gaseous fuels committees as well as various events throughout the year.


CNG Case Analysis

CNG presents an amazing opportunity for fleets to reduce emissions and costs.  But we also know that it is not the right fit for every application.  We are the Specialists that will help you determine if CNG is the right fit for you right now, or in a future application.

Questions that should be considered include:

  • What type of vehicle?
  • Will you be including passenger vehicles?
  • How big of a vehicle?
  • Who will help engineer my equipment with the CNG conversion process?
  • What about warranty?  Service?  Maintenance?
  • What will it look like?
  • What do I fill up a CNG vehicle?

We examine all of the following to make the right decision for your situation:

  • Funding - Investigate public and private funding and grants
  • Compatibility - Determine compatibility of current and future fleet vehicles with the same CNG conversion process
  • Infrastructure - Communicate the infrastructure and future plans for CNG filling stations
  • Savings - Study ROI and overall fleet potential savings
  • Vehicles - Communicate CNG vehicle performance, maintenance and service
  • Engineering - Discuss specialized CNG vehicle engineering for your fleet
  • Customize - Consult with CNG vehicle experts to discuss customized options for your fleet


Preventative Maintenance and Inspections

Zoresco has technicians trained and certified to perform tank inspections (required for vehicle inspection), as well as preventative maintenance needed for CNG fuel systems.  We're you're Specialists for the installation, as well as years to come.

Green Truck Association

Zoresco is a member of the Green Truck Association, an affiliate division of the NTEA.  The Green Truck Association aims to enhance commercial vehicle efficiency and productivity through development and deployment of strategies to reduce diesel and gasoline consumption and associated environmental impacts.

Other green initiatives:

Cardboard recycling

Building trucks produces a lot of cardboard!  Parts and pieces come to us in cardboard packaging, but thankfully, we can recycle all of that.  Each production facility has a system in place to keep mountains of cardboard out of landfills. 

On average, our facilities recycle 1,100 pounds of cardboard every two and a half weeks.  Shown here are a stack of cardboard bales at our Pittsburgh facility, waiting to be taken for recycling.

Pallet recycling

Since June of 2017, our Pittsburgh production facility has recycled 44.68 tons of pallets.  Recycling companies turn them into wood chips to be used in landscaping and other applications, giving that wood a second use and reducing the environmental impact. 

Recycling Services

Zoresco will purchase your unwanted or unproductive materials and remove ferrous and nonferrous metals from:

  • Aluminum and steel semi-trailers
  • Steel and aluminum containers
  • Commercial vehicles ranging from light duty to heavy duty