Knapheide Landscaper Body

Knapheide's Landscaper body is available in 9' and 11' lengths and is the ideal truck body to meet all of your landscaping needs. 

Available options: Swing out 40" high rear doors in lieu of cargo gates and tailgate; Cab protector; Tool storage cabinet [with two fixed shelves and pull-out tool bin on curbside and personal compartment with four hooks and lockable door on streetside].


  • 9' or 11' body lengths available.
  • 94.4" overall body width.
  • 40" high sides with 90-3/8" inside width.
  • 14-gauge sides with 11-gauge stakes.
  • 10-gauge high strength smooth steel floor.
  • Crossmembers on 12" centers.
  • Tubular reinforced rear corner posts.
  • Side access door on curbside has 50" wide clear opening for pallets, balled trees, shrubs, bagged materials, etc.
  • Step and grab handle at side access door.
  • Rear cargo gates are punched, center locking and hinged for full 270-degree opening to sides. Gates can be locked open to the sides.
  • Double acting tailgate allows for multiple drop-down positions and bottom spreading positions.
  • Center metering gate has a 17" opening for metering into a wheelbarrow.
  • E-coated with Knapheide's exclusive 12 stage electrodeposition dipping process.
  • Body painted black.
  • Body fully undercoated.
  • Double acting hoist.
  • Storage compartment available as an option [NOT STANDARD].