Knapheide Steel Service Bodies

With rugged steel construction and ample external storage for your tools and equipment, the Standard Service Body from Knapheide is a key component in optimizing your day to day productivity. Multiple external compartments offer protection from the outside elements and allow technicians to access equipment without having to climb into the truck bed. Staying organized both on and between job sites is important, that's why Knapheide's Standard Service Bodies compartments come standard with adjustable shelving and can be customized with a variety of storage options. Our double panel door construction combined with stainless steel rotary latches keeps your equipment and tools secure and safe. And, to provide peace of mind, Knapheide's Standard Service Bodies are fully tested and are supported with a six-year warranty.


The LED Light option replaces incandescent stop/tail/turn lights. LED lights are brighter, draw less amperage, don't produce heat, are vibration and shock resistant, and have a superior life span compared to incandescent lights.


Knapheide offers a comprehensive line-up of bumpers to meet nearly any application.  A wide variety of material construction is available including treadplate, grip-strut, and galva-grip along with many different finishes including prime paint, finish paint, and Knapliner.  Require hauling a trailer for your job?  We've got bumpers for that too, including both ball hitch and pintle hitch compatible bumpers.  Check out the list of available bumpers for Knapheide Standard Service Bodies below and choose the best one for your needs.


Service Body Receiver Hitches have a Class V rating with a 12,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight and 2,400 lbs. maximum tongue weight.  These receiver hitches can be ordered seperate and shipped loose or installed in conjunction with your Service Body.  If you haul a trailer, choose a Knapheide Class V Receiver Hitch option. 


The Knapheide Master Locking System allows you to lock all compartments on one side with a single move. The Master Locking System operates independent of your key locks for an extra layer of security. Since Knapheide knows you have thousands of dollars of tools and equipment in your body, we understand security is first priority. So check out the Master Locking System and also take a look at our Codeable Padlock as a great accessory.


Knapheide's Codeable Padlock is designed with convenience in mind. Simply put your vehicle ignition key into the cylinder and turn. The padlock learns your vehicle ignition key code and eliminates the need to carry both ignition key and padlock key. The Knapheide Codeable Padlock: simple, safe, secure.