Zoresco values all customer relations. Both of our companies interface with the end user in supplying products and services. In an effort to support a superior resolution to any potential Zoresco warranty event, we must communicate at the very beginning of the event.  We are committed to making you and the end user happy with quick resolution and service.

This entire notification is for a customer who brings a truck with Zoresco supplied product to your dealership with a potential Zoresco warranty issue.

To serve the end user customer and your dealership for any potential Zoresco warranty in quick and fair resolution please follow the following easy guidelines:

  • Contact our location Service Manager immediately; names and numbers are listed below.
  • Report the potential warranty issue that you believe is a Zoresco warranty.
  • Depending on the potential warranty issue, prior to any work, Zoresco will initiate one of two options:
  • 1: Pre-authorize your dealership for an agreed diagnostic time for which you believe Zoresco has full or partial responsibility. Once your diagnosis is completed, contact Zoresco with your findings. If it is determined it is a Zoresco warranty, Zoresco will then either authorize your dealership to complete the repair OR return the vehicle to Zoresco to complete the repair.
  • 2: Dispatch a Technician to your location to analyze and work with your team to determine what is causing the problem. If it is determined that it is a Zoresco warranty we will either authorize your dealership to complete the warranty repair OR return the vehicle to Zoresco to complete the repair.

NOTE – All diagnostic and repair authorizations given by Zoresco will and must be confirmed by a Zoresco purchase order number through one of the following:

Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh North locations Len Strazza 412-829-2129

Cleveland location John Caris 440-359-1010

Cincinnati location Mike Hughett 513-360-2929

Zoresco cannot and will not accept financial responsibility for work that was not authorized by our service managers in advance with a PO number. We will work with your dealership to assure quick and fair resolution. Our commitment is to make you and the end user customer happy and provide fair and fast resolution to all three parties.

We trust that you fully understand the due process needed. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas to improve the joint service we provide to our customers, please share them with me:  C.J. Tedesco, Vice President of Operations, 412-829-2120.