Steel Z-Spec

The Z-Spec Dump Body is designed to be multi-functional, from the integrated 3/4 cab shield to the patented rear EZ-Latch system. This body, with its sleek styling will give you many features not found on conventional dump bodies such as the standard 22" rear board pockets that make hauling the heavy or bulky loads a breeze.
All Zoresco bodies are painted on carts, so there is never a danger of overspray onto the chassis.  Additionally, the fully boxed top rail on all sides and tailgate can be painted underneath, offering maximum coverage and protection.
Vertical braces are on the sides and the tailgate, and the side rails are at a 45 degree angle to shed dirt, keeping you and those around you on the road safe.
A once piece floor, radius sides and interlaced cross members complete the construction of the body.  Lights are recessed in the rear posts which are flush with the tailgate.

The Z-Spec Dump Body built with existing Rugby technology, integrated with Zoresco Equipment company specifications and coupled with a Rugby hoist give you a combination that can't beat.