Hard Hat

Based on user feedback and recommendations, the Hard Hat Package adds more value to your investment and makes you even more productive on the job site; with an increased body weight of less than 100 pounds, it is the smartest way to configure a dump body.
The Hard Hat offers all the features of the original Z-Spec with an aluminum tailgate, 12" centers, 7-gauge steel floor and an integrated tarp rail.
Easy one-person operation of aluminum tailgate, which is 132 pounds lighter than a steel tailgate, allows you to cut down on the number of operators in a vehicle, and their potential for workman's compensation claims.  The weight difference between a steel and an aluminum tailgate is something you need to feel for yourself, contact one of our Specialists for a demo today!
Additionally, the Hard Hat package includes 12" centers.  A more rugged body gives you more freedom to haul heavier loads.  Spaced closer together than the standard 16" centers, 12" centers offer increased support and stability.  The 7-gauge steel floors (as opposed to the normal 10-gauge) also offers the ability to carry more weight.
Finally, the integrated tarp rail provides versatility with tie-down points built into the side of the body, as well as extending the versatility of the body for a number of commercial applications and compliance with state DOT regulations.